PUNARUTTHAN (Resurgence) - NOSPlan Annual Convention 2020 - 2021


This cemented that human settlements and their agglomerations have endeavoured to survive for the future. Survival has been the nuclease of adaptability. It is this ambidexterity that modal us towards resurgent attribute. And it is this character that logo for the NOSplan convention modestly tries to symbolise.

The logo tries to simplify the built structures of human agglomerations to contrasting population density. While the colour scheme of the logo nurtures the amalgamation of different land uses fostered by us.

NOSPlan is back with another convention lined up this year!

Stay tuned for the biggest online Convention ever! Play games, learn software,  win cash prizes and many more!


SPA, Delhi (Host)


NOSPlan Annual Convention (2020-21) 

This past year has been full of turmoil. Amidst all the chaos, NOSPlan in collaboration with many organisations came up to host the NOSPlan Annual Convention with a new exiting online events.

Specific Events:

This year, 7 out of 21 competitions, are in collaborations with various planning organisations

  • Design it Accessible - National Istitute of Urban Affairs

  • Cure for Basti - Centre for Urban Regional Excellence

  • Strength Mapping - Non-Urbanism

  • Map it out - Urban box

  • 'In and out', 'Online Discussion Forum' & 'Article Writing' - Planning Tank

  • Chess - Chess.com

Wishing you well

Executive Council, NOSPlan

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